Green Fleet

Green Fleet

complete fleet management solution

Green Fleet is a solution that focusses on transport and logistics operations, both large and small. It's a proven innovative transport fleet management solution that facilitates full, real-time, operationa control through the transport operational cycle.
Enabling you to discover how technolgy enabled transport management cuts operating costs, reduces the fleets carbon footprint, improves business efficiency, and ultimately productivity.

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What you get

Green Fleet is a complete solution for controlling and managing your transport operational lifecycle - from fleet acquisition, operation, job scheduling to disposal. The solution is applicable to many operation types - from equipment and rental service operations through to facilites maintainence services. The Green Fleet offer includes:

  • Real Time Fleet Monitoring

    Knowing the real time status of the fleet is essential to ensuring that the fleet costs are minimsed. This is achieved using our green fleet solutions

  • Job Scheduling Software(web based)

    The Scheduling application allows the supervisor or planner the ability to assign jobs or tasks to the technicians and teams, by region, customer and service type - together with spare parts and tools. Workers daily schedules and capacity are readily estimatedso aas to maximise resource utilization as well as enabling you to keep your customer promise

  • Workflow, Equipment & Parts Management Software

    Electronic Forms and workflow management software are provided with your specified data fields - complete with workflow, equipment and spare parts management.

  • Electronic Job Cards, Proof of Service and Reporting Dashboards

    A full reporting infrastructure is provided that enables office based users to retrieve and print job cards reports and proof of services the moment a job is complete. These reports can also include status reporting and evidence (for example, photographs of as found, as completed and equipment serial number verification - for warranty claim purposes.) The proof of service and equipment/parts replacement data are made available for customer invoicing, spare parts inventory control and other cost management reporting

  • Servers and Communication Infrastructure

    Green Fleet is operated using hosted database servers and mobile and internet communications infrastructure

  • Operational and Service Support

    Green Fleet is actively supported and maintained by our systems teams - including hardware maintainence managment, both OBC's and data centers and remote software support.

  • Continuous Operations Improvement Support

    Managerial support and consulting for continuous operational improvement is provided by experienced process improvement specialists. These support needs are scoped at the time of engagement. At implementation, a business operational cost baseline is developed to provide a cost benefit analysis of the solution

  • Solution Financing Assistance

    Finance for the green fleet solution and associated support services are facilitated in the offer, for approved customers.

Sus-tech consultants have carried out numerous green fleet reviews(baseline studies) for a wide range of private and public sector clients. Sustech also provides a direct fleet review service.